Ancient Aptera – Byzantine Church

Ancient Aptera – Byzantine Church

Starting from €170



Ancient Aptera-Byzantine Church of St.Nikolas-Church of St. Mamas

Starting from €170

Discover the natural beauty and the cultural and historical heritage of Crete. Take a “time travel” from the Hellenistic period to the modern era; from the Αncient Aptera (the «little Pompeii of Crete») to an Olive Tree (3000yrs old) & Traditional Olive Press and to one of the oldest Byzantine churches with its impressive decoration, through the picturisque landscape of rural Crete.

The tour begins with a visit to the Αncient Aptera, one of the most important ancient city-states of Crete, Aptera, that constitutes a unique area of history, civilization and scientific interest. – Estimated visit time on site: 1h15min.
Then, by a route of outstanding natural beauty in the foothills of the White Mountains we would visit an ancient Olive Tree in the area of Apokoronas (estimated of 3000 yrs of age) as well as a Traditional Olive Stone Press. – Estimated visit time on site: 40min.

The excursion continues to a Byzantine church (dated by the 11th century AD) tha is considered one of the most beautiful churches in Crete since the walls are painted carefully, focusing on shades of blue. It is definitely one of the best examples of Byzantine architecture in the island. – Estimated visit time on site: 20min.

Importance Notices:

  • The above prices does NOT include admission fees, wherever those apply.
  • Upon prior request we can arrange a lunch break, in order to experience the traditional Cretan cuisine (please contact us for pricing details).
  • A surcharge of 15€ per hour/vehicle (1-4 & 5-8 persons) will apply, if the time duration of the excursion exceeds the scheduled time.
  • A surcharge of 20€ per hour/vehicle (9-12 & 13-20 persons) will apply, if the time duration of the excursion exceeds the scheduled time.
Ancient Aptera – Byzantine Church


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